Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What I have learned ...

I have been doing a water and juice fast for the past 3 days (plus some de-daf coffee). Here are some things I have learned:

*There are adds for food everywhere! On TV, on the radio, in newspapers, in magazines, on billboards and even on the sides of trucks.
*I spend a lot of time eating, preparing to eat, planning what to eat and thinking about eating.
*I am hungry.
*Just because my stomach growls doesn't necessarily mean I am hungry. It just means that my stomach is used to getting something and is complaining.
*God is really cool.
*I think I have a bigger problem with food than I thought I did.
*Whenever you are trying not to eat, you will be offered a lot of food.
*I have at least 10 appointments a month that are around food. (Not all bad for time management, but not so good for health and food issues.)
*I am hungry.
*I have not done as well in seeking God during this time as I hoped.
*God is still faithful and has been showing me stuff even though I haven't done as well as I hoped in time with him.
*There are a lot of food smells around me everyday.
*Apple juice tastes pretty good.
*My stomach is not growling much now that I am winding down my third day.
*I am going to try a "Daniel Fast" for the next two and a half weeks until Easter.
*I really want to hunger for God more than I hunger for food.

Just a few thoughts from the past 3 days.


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