Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday Morning Musings...

God blessed yesterday in a very special way. It certainly wasn't because of the human efforts. We were missing 2 of our 5 worship band members and it showed as it make the timing of some of the song difficult. My associate led a very good time of prayer and that really helped set things in motion. God worked in spite of me yesterday (see previous post).

We had several regular attenders missing for a wide variety of reasons, but our attendance was still good. The response at the altar at the conclusion of the message was very moving. It was encouraging to see a man be the first to come forward and to see many youth come to pray as well. This was no "I am going forward just to feel better" moments. Those who came forward prayed for a long while and many stayed and talked about what they were praying about for a quite a while. I am very encouraged by what I saw yesterday.

God is so good.

Here's hoping you recognize God's grace in your life this week. Here's hoping you share that with someone else this week.


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