Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Morning Musings...

What a wild Sunday. First I got home from my Florida trip at 12:30 am on Sunday, got to see about 1:30, then got up at 4:30 for a full day of Sunday. Then my driveway was all ice as I left at 5:00 and it was raining. It warmed up a couple of hours later and there was no big problem for people getting to church.

We were missing 3 of our 5 regular band members we had subs for 2 of them. There is a lot of flu and severe cold junk going around our area. My Associate Pastor was home sick with the flu and he just one of many. Our attendance was the lowest it had been for a long time. It seemed that everything that could go wrong technically did go wrong. My mic just kept squealing and we never did get it solved in the morning. (That meant that the message did not get recorded for the website. I will try to preach it again to some cardboard cutouts later so we can get a recording.) One of the people who was to sing a special song had problems with their tape and it never did get fixed. I used the worship leaders headset mic to preach but it is much different than mine and it didn't sound quite right. Then just after I started preaching a steady drip of water began just in front of the platform. How is that for piling on?

With all of that we had a good spirit in the service. People participated well and the sermon came off well. A big thanks to all of my people who began praying when things started to go wrong. Thanks also to my worship leader, our worship team and band for not panicking and continuing to focus on the main thing.

More later on a special moment from yesterday. Here's hoping things go well for you today, but remember that whether they do or not, God is still God.


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