Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Difficult Realization ...

As I referenced in my "Monday Morning Musings ..." post on Monday, I came to a difficult realization on Sunday morning. Painful might be a more accurate description than difficut. It is actually difficult and painful.

At the conclusion of Sunday morning's message and the response of several who came forward to pray around the altar is when it really hit me. I looked around at the many people who had come forward and noticed something. They were all women. There was not a man to be seen anywhere near the altar. When I realized that, I felt like I had been punched in the gut.

I began to weep over the lack of men, I mentioned it and challenged the men before I prayed the benediction. After the service a man was talking with me about the fact that he knew he needed to take care of some things with God. He then asked, why do we men have so much trouble do this? My answer was, "because we want to be in control".

I firmly believe that people, especially men, desire to be in control and to surrender control to God is a very difficult decision. But my concern and pain goes far beyond a time around the altar and is the realization that so many men are being spiritual leaders. They are not being Godly examples in their homes, let alone at work. Then they wonder why so many of their marriages are in trouble. They wonder why so many of their children are turning their backs on God. They wonder why they have no joy in their life. They wonder ...

What do you think? I don't believe that it is just in my church that this is true. How about you and your church? How about you personally?

For me I am burdened and broken over this and greatly concerned. I really don't think that we will see our church be all that God desires for it to be until this changes.


At 9:10 PM, Blogger Rob said...

I stink at admitting we've got problems....and I'm case 1A of that!! You and I both know that admitting we don't have it all together is hard, but ultimately freeing and the best thing to do. Click here to read Corey Mann's resignation from GCC owning up to a problem he had...I liked him and his blog I respect him and pray for him and his family daily. Keep preaching the truth and stepping on toes, my friend...

At 4:47 AM, Blogger Hot Flash MaMa said...

I was so glad when you said something aloud on Sunday morning about only seeing women at the altar. Maybe we are just more gutsy them men.

I think the church needs men to step up their commitment to the Lord. The world desperately needs to see that leadership and our kids do too!!

Maybe if men realized how attractive it is for a woman to see a man follow wholeheartedly after God, they would be more likely to step out of their comfort zone.:) Believe me guys---over the years I have heard SO many women tell me that their hearts desire was for her husband to LEAD the way spiritually.


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