Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Reflections on a year...

Many people are making lists of the best, funniest, most memorable, worst, and other such descriptive terms in describing the past year. So here goes my effort in this area, or at least one of my efforts as I assume I won't remember everything at this sitting. But for me I just want to give some reflections from the past year, some good, some bad, some great, some funny, some sad, all somewhat memorable and certainly all a part of my world in 2007.

*The birth of my 5 grandchild and 4th grandson, Brandt in March. That was so cool and he continues to bring great to joy to all who around him.

*The death of my uncle Junior. He died the day my grandson was born. I had the privilege of participating in his funeral service representing the nephews and neices. He was a great guy, fun, loving, encouraging and best of all he had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

*Our outdoor baptism service in the summer. It was awesome. The testimonies of the 7 people were inspiring, most were new believers in this past year and the depth of emotion as they were baptized still gives me goose bumps (or chicken skin, depending on where you hail from).

*Our Christmas musical getting snowed out and then done 5 days later. We still had 220 attend.

*Getting coach the JV volleyball team at our local high school. I learned a lot, we won some and improved throughout the season. I had a good group of girls to coach and they still say hi to me when they see now.

*Having all of our kids and grandkids together and our house for Christmas. It was so much fun and so memorable, not sure how often we will be able to continue the streak of all getting together around Christmas. So I soaked this one in with a determined purpose.

*Celebrating the 32nd anniversary of my beautiful wife agreeing to marry me. Wow, we are getting old, we are getting better, but we are still getting older.

*The children I had the privilege to dedicate.

*The weddings I had the joy to officiate. (2 of them are expecting their first child later this year, maybe that will mean a couple more baby dedications).

*The funerals I attended and helped to lead. Praying for those families as they faced their first Christmas withou their loved one. I remember how that feels.

*Family vacation at a lake in the summer. That was a great week. Lots of fishing, a little swimming, good food, failed fireworks (miserably failed such that it was funny), lots of laughter, great conversations, many games played and a great memories enjoyed.

*A week at a lake with just my wife. It was early May and too cold to swim, but we fished a lot, read a lot, played games and just enjoyed the time with each other.

*Golfing, not well, but still golfing.

*Really learning to enjoy shooting trap and hunting phesants.

*Purchasing my first gun, a used shotgun. (I even have an orange vest, and insulated bibs)

*Great times of worship.

*Seeing the church grow this year.

*Upgrading several places in our church building.

*Realizing that my youngest daughter, son-in-law and youngest grandchild will be moving to Arizona very soon.

*Good books read.

*The knowledge that my kids love the Lord and serving Him. Truly priceless.

It has been an interesting year, my highs and lows. The comfort of knowing that the Lord is guiding me is such a boost. I am excited for the new year.

Here's hoping you can look forward to this new year and that you know the assurance of Christ guiding you along the way.


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