Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Wonder of it All ...

How much do you enjoy seeing the look of wonder or awe on a young child's face as encounter the sights and sounds of Christmas? The sheer joy of a very young child, who just at the sight of a brightly wrapped box being handed to them, is a moment of irresistable smiling by all. This picture of wonder, awe and joy is part of the whole Christmas experience. But why does it seem to be mainly the children who have this wonder?

I am blessed because my wife has always maintained her wonder and awe of Christmas. She absolutely loves decorating for Christmas. If it were just up to her she would begin decorating around the beginning of October. She has been known to keep some of the Christmas decor up until around Easter. But I am talking about more than the trees, lights, garland and all the other stuff that we use at Christmas. I am referring to the the wonder and awe of Christmas. Of the Christmas story, of the birth of a Savior, of the "good news" being revealed to stinky shepherds in a field, of laying the baby in an animal feeding trough, of the star, of the Wise men and of the realization that this true and is for eveyone. That is the wonder and awe I am talking about.

How much wonder or awe are having this Christmas season? Here's hoping that you will have some great moments of true wonder and some awe inspiring moments this Christmas season. I have had a couple and am actively looking for more. If nothing else I know that when all of my kids and grandkids gather at our home there will some great moments of wonder as I watch them all and thank God for all blessings he has given.


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