Sunday, December 09, 2007

What Makes You Smile?

I am smiling as I type this post, but posting on my blog doesn't generally cause me to smile. The smile is the result of reading the comments that family members made to my post about Christmas Trees earlier this week. But I wouldn't say that reading comments on blog always make me smile either. So what does make me smile?

... seeing my wife
... thinking of my family
... my grandkids, seeing them, hearing them, thinking of them, reading things about them or from them...
... hearing my grown kids talk about simple things they are facing and remembering when they didn't want to listen while I tried to explain it to them when they were younger.
... hearing kids laugh
... listening to the testimonies of people just before they are baptized
... dedicating babies in church
... seeing people come to a saving knowlege of Christ as their personal savior
... watching young kids play almost any sport
... seeing the sheer joy on the face of a parent when their child has just been born (and realizing the sheer terror that is somewhere behind that smile)
... Christmas carols
... hearing the words "Cubs Win!"
... my fantasy baseball draft (only 3 and a half months away)
... hearing my wife's voice
... seeing people in my church have those "Aha!" spiritual moments
... the sight of a large Turtle Sundae
... anytime I grill a meal
... seeing good friends
... thinking of my wife
... knowing that all of my kids, and kids by marriage, love the Lord
... remembering family gatherings at my grandparent's house
... the realization that Jesus Christ came so that I can have life, abundant, triumphant and eternal life

So what makes you smile?


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