Monday, December 03, 2007

(Frosty) Monday Morning Musings ...

Winter has decided that now is the time to make an entrance. On Saturday evening we had an interesting mix of rain/snow/sleet that made for a slick drive to church on Sunday morning. Gave new meaning to "sliding into church", or maybe that phrase never had any meaning. Then it warmed up and rained a lot on Sunday taking all of the aforementioned stuff away. This morning it was a very chilly walk to church and it has snowed a little since then. But it is December and it is Michigan.

Yesterday was another good day. Our worship service was good. Time of singing was good with a very good spirit. The message went much better this week and I love preaching at Christmas. Our attendance was down from the big number of last Sunday but was still reasonable, especially given the first taste of winter weather and we had a lot of illness in our families. We had some first time visitors and others appear to be becoming regular attenders.Their was good fellowship and lingering after the worship service, which is a very good sign. In the evening my wife and I participated in the community Hospice service of "Lights of Love". It is an annual event of lighting a christmas tree in remembrance of loved ones who have died. My wife sang, she did very well by the way, and I shared a couple of thoughts and prayed. It is a very meaningful gathering. Then I hustled back and finished up our regular evening service.

On Saturday our men's and women's ministries had separate hunting expeditions. A few ladies headed out to a larger nearby town to go shopping. 17 men gathered in a nearby field to go pheasant hunting. The ladies claim they had a good time and they purchased a few items. The men had a great time and claimed a lot more pheasants than the presents the ladies were after. All in all, both groups had a great time and want to do it again. For the record, I got a couple of pheasants myself. Yes that means I shot them, I am really starting to get into this hunting thing.

Here's hoping you have a great week and that you get what you are after this week. Mainly, I pray that you get a renewed sense of the hope that is in Christmas. That hope is in the person of Jesus Christ. Have you accepted Him as your personal savior?


At 1:58 PM, Blogger Rob said...

You with a loaded gun?

(Me running the other way....)

Yet, way more butch of a post than my HSM one from last week....


I miss ya, my brother!


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