Sunday, November 18, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow ...

As I drove to church early this morning, it was snowing! In case you didn't get the full impact of the first sentence, I wrote that on November 18, 2007 at 5:17 AM it was snowing. It was not sticking to anything, just fluttering to the ground, or whatever else it met first, and then melted upon contact. But it was still snowing. I know it is past the mid-point of November, but still it was snowing.

To enlighten those of you who do not know me well (though I must admit that I often assume that only those who know me well read this blog) I enjoy all four seasons of the year. Honestly, I even enjoy winter, at least parts of it. I always have mixed emotions when the first snow(s) makes it's appearance. I am excited that winter is on it's way, for the beauty of it and for the fact that it signals that basketball season has really arrived. The other emotion is one of dread as I wonder how long it will be before I have to shovel snow.

Now we are in that transition from Fall to Winter. Around here that means that just a few days ago it was 62 degrees and sunny. We may even have a few more days that hit the upper 50's before winter is fully engaged. I have already attended a basketball game, it was a junior high game, but still it was basketball (sort of).

So here is hoping you see some snow floating, fluttering or flying soon wherever you are residing. Here's hoping that none of the people inclined to attend church around here today use the sight of fluttering flakes as an excuse not to make it church. Here's praying that you have a great Lord's Day!


At 9:35 PM, Blogger Kin said...

Today is was 44 degrees & on Tuesday they're saying that it could get up to 70! The way things have been lately, I think that I may wake up Wed. morning & see an inch of snow! Oh the joys of living in the midwest :(


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