Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Musings ...

I am tired today, I am not sure why since yesterday was not any busier than most Sundays. It was a typical 13+ hour Sunday. Yesterday was a very good day. Last night some of our children's workers and parents took a large group of children to a nearby town to hear "BibleMan". The program was good and some of the children we took made decisions to accept Christ as their personal savior. That makes yesterday a great day!

Things seemed a little flat during our morning worship, I don't know if it was because our numbers were down a little or if it was just "one of those days". The atmosphere made it very difficult to preach. Some of our newer families have begun attending Sunday School recently and we have seen a few more children attending our morning services since we have made a couple of changes. These are very encouraging signs. Also, I got a couple of very exciting emails from some new people last week. God is really doing some great things among us, but I am not sure that many of our "regulars" are realizing it yet.

Our youth kicked off their small groups for this school year last evening and their were about double the number who participated last year. How cool is that? That really bodes well for the future of our youth ministry.

Yesterday's message was on having a "Heart Check Up" and that we need to have an undivided heart in following Christ. So how is your heart? How is your spirit heart condition? Any heart disease, hardening of your spiritual arteries or other problems?


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