Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Morning Musings ...

God is so good. Yesterday morning several of our children helped into my sermon on David and Goliath. They did a humorous drama about David and Goliath.It was the last of the series on Bible Stories Retold. The kids did a great job, I love seeing them involved in ministry and service. The service went well, not great but it was a good day in spite of some junk. We began a new Sunday School class yesterday, it followed the pattern of the day, good but not great. We are dealing with "Get a life!" in the class, discovering and living the life God intends for each of us.

Our attendance was average, which is above where it was a year ago. The spirit in the services was mixed. We have been seeing some great things happening in many people's lives, but we are facing more turmoil than ever at the same time. We had special prayer at the close of the service for a young lady who is leaving for Germany tomorrow for a 10 month missions assignment. That is really exciting and last evening 2 young ladies who have recently returned from an 11 month mission experience shared about their experience. It was cool to send one off as we welcomed two back. I have a real burden for us to be a sending church, this is a good start.

We had some people not show up for their ministries yesterday, not unusual but certainly frustrating. We have had others resign their positions recently, again this happens periodically but recently it has been difficult as we are really struggling to fill necessary ministries, or at least I think they are necessary. So today I am tired, more emotionally than physically, but tired nonethless.

Here's hoping you will choose to serve this week. Look to serve someone in need. Look to serve someone who is not expecting it. Look to serve because that is the example Christ gave us.


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