Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Manly Stuff ...

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving for parts south of here, the purpose of which is our church's annual Men's Houseboat Retreat. This will be the 6th or 7th year for this annual ritual, but it is just my 2nd experience at this most manly of events. We will leave early in the morning and head south to Lake Cumberland in Kentucky and return early Sunday evening.

We will be on 3 houseboats, we will have a couple of ski boats and jet skis to play with while we are on the lake. We will eat well and often. We will play a lot of cards. We will laugh a lot. We will have some great conversations. We will learn who snores (my family tells me I do) and who doesn't. We will learn who needs their space and who doesn't respect anyone's space. We be tired when we return. We will also have some great times of worship. We have great times to hear from God and enjoy His creation. If I do well when I share during our times of worship we will be challenged to be the men God is calling us to be, in our homes, at our jobs or schools, in our communities and in our church.

It looks like we have 37 or 38 guys attending this year. I believe that is the highest we have ever had attend. Not all of them are from our church, some are from other churches and some do not normally attend church. Most are out of high school, but there will be 4 or 5 teens, a few college students, some of the men are married, some are single, many are Christ-followers and some are not, some are over 50 (myself included) but most are not.

I am informing you that I am will not be posting again until I return, unless I do one late tonight or real early tomorrow. I am also asking for your prayers for our travel, and for our times of worship. Selfishly I am asking for prayer for me as I speak to the men during our worship times. Also, please remember our wives and families while we are gone. I know they will do just fine without us, but it doesn't mean that we won't be a little anxious to hear how they are doing and that they won't be a little anxious to see us walk back through door with all of our body parts in their intended positions.

Here's hoping for safety, great weather, much laughter and a real movement of God in this group of men.


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