Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Morning Musings...

Here we go with another Monday of reflecting on a very good Sunday. I am really starting to enjoy reflecting back on good Sundays. Yesterday is above the good level, but doesn't quite measure up to the great level, but it is very close. The atmosphere and spirit of the day was very good. In the morning we had very good attendance again, not just good attendance for an August Sunday, but good attendance for us in any month. We had a lot of visitors, some of whom have their own church and just happened to be with us yesterday. But still visitors is always a good sign. We had a baby dedication in the morning and that always helps the atmosphere, and I love doing baby dedications. Then to the evening, well actually the afternoon. We had an outdoor baptism service. Man I love baptism services anytime, but I especially love doing them outside in a pond or lake. We had 7 get baptized and 4 of them were adults. The testimonies of those getting baptized brought tears and cheers. (The testimonies is my absolute favorite part.) One had grandchildren there to witness their baptism. There was a husband and wife who got baptized. There was one who just accepted Christ as their Savior less than 2 weeks ago. Then we enjoyed a picnic with people hanging around for 3 hours talking, truly sharing, fishing and swimming. On second thought maybe it was a great Sunday.

We have had a very good summer. We have seen a significant number of visitors. We have really made an impact in our community with our service projects. We have really touched many of our own people through cards and visits on our Dare to Care nights. We had a very good Vacation Bible School through our Mega-Sports Camp. We saw, and heard about, significant spiritual growth. We had an outstanding baptism service. Our attendance was very good and the atmosphere in our church is really on the rise.

Here's hoping you will encourage someone today. Here's hoping you will see God working in your life this week. Here's hoping you realize that you are not alone, the Lord is with you and there are people nearby who care about you.


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