Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Morning (Noon) Musings ...

We had an unusually cool and rainy day yesterday. I don't think it ever got out of the 70's and we are in the midst of a lot of rain. I don't know if it was the weather or just one of the last Sundays before school starts, but we had a lot of people gone and attendance was the lowest it has been since the July 1. Even with that it was still slightly higher than the same Sunday a year ago. We had a wonderful spirit in our services all day. People seemed to really be into worship as they sang, during prayer times and during the preaching. We had people who responded to the message by coming to the altar and some great conversations as a result of the message following the service. We received 5 new people into membership and then had some ask about joining after the service. 2 more people stated their desire to be baptized next week. On Sunday evening we had a celebration of recent service projects, our Mega-Sports Camp VBS and other reasons to give praise. Many shared testimonies and shared of the impact of our service project last Sunday evening.

It was a good day, but as I already posted not everything is rosy. But that is life and especially life in ministry.

We are still celebrating the great week of Vacation Bible School, in this case we replaced it with Mega-Sports Camp. We had good numbers. We decisions for Christ. We had/have good contacts with unchurched families. We had a great number of people help for the week. We had a lot of parents, or family members, attend a special presentation on Friday evening of the camp. We had a lot parents and siblings arrive early enough each night to hear the main lesson for that night. It was a very encouraging week.

Here's hoping you hear from the Lord this week. Hint: make sure you are listening, it really aids in your ability to hear. Trust me, He is speaking.


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