Friday, July 27, 2007

Birthdays are so cool ...

We are off for a day and a half to celebrate a couple of birthdays. These are not just any birthdays, these are grandkid birthdays. We are off to purchase the presents and then we are going to see the newest grandchild he is now over 4 months old and he has started doing some new things so of course we need to see him. Then on Saturday morning we will head up and have a birthday party for two of our grandsons. Their birthdays are about 10 days apart so we are celebrating them together. This is to help those of us who are traveling and I imagine that it is also for the sanity of their parents. The invitation said it is a carnival theme. I can't wait. I love watching and listening to my grandkids. So this should be a great time.

We all love kid's birthdays. They are so excited to celebrate being another year older. It seems we lose that joy sometime after age 25. Remember what it was like to say your age and then add "and a half"? Or "I am almost ___ years old"? Maybe if we got back to that kind of joy we could enjoy our birthday a lot more. I don't want to think too hard this morning (insert your own joke about my thinking here), so I will just say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Zee and Emm. It is number 7 and 5. I love you guys and am so proud of you. Can't wait to see you, hear you and give you hug and your birthday presents.

Here we go... see you in a couple of days. Until then have some fun, laugh a little and smile at someone today, it may be the best part of their day.


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