Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who is in Control?

A few years ago I purchased a book entitled "Control Freak", or something near that title. The idea was to better understand some people I was trying help. As if I have no problems in that area, any comments from those who know me best? Thank you for staying quiet. This whole idea of control has been popping up, maybe jumping up would be a better phrase or jumping up and grasping for ... well, you get the picture. In fact two different conversations yesterday brought it to mind again.

Yesterday afternoon my wife commented on a large spider web in the main hallway at church. First of all, why was there a big ugly spider web in plain site the day after the church was supposedly cleaned? Secondly, let's get rid of the spider web. So I went to get some cleaning do-higgy that you are supposed to use on cobwebs. As I was about to take out the spider web my wife said "be sure and get the spider too". Oops, I got the web but missed the webmaker. Which meant that I was clearing out the outward problem but the real problem of what was producing the web in the first place. The other incident was during our Bible Study and Prayer time last evening. A lady was sharing about her physical therapy and recovery from recent surgery. She said that she learned she had to not try and control things and her therapy would go better. The therapist was referring to her trying to move the impacted area instead of letting him move it. She said that when she let go and let him move it around it did not hurt, but when she tightened up and tryed to move it around it hurt. We joked about the spiritual lesson and I thanked her for the sermon. I guess I should have thanked her for the post, since I know she reads this blog I will thank her now. Thank you!

The point is when we refuse to deal with the cause of our struggles and continue to try and control everything we end up with ugly stuff showing up for all to see and a lot of pain in our lives. When we give God permission to take the cause of the struggle and submit to His control we will begin to heal and be free to move for Him without embarrassment of what might pop up.

So, who is in control in your life? Here's hoping that you, and I, will really let go and let God.

P.S. I am still looking for the spider that I missed.


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