Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vacation Thoughts ...

Vacations are good. In fact I am beginning to believe they are necessary. Ours was a combination vacation/family gathering. All of our children and grandchildren were able to be a part of the time away. We rented a cottage/house on a lake. The house was laid out well for our purposes. The lake was okay, would have been a lot more fun with a boat to use. We had lake frontage, but not beach area for swimming. We had two docks to fish off of, and we utilized them often. We had a small concrete patio near the water and a gas grill to use, we used the grill at least once everyday.

It was great to spend time with the family, to watch and play with the grandkids, to talk with and play games with our adult kids and to sit on the dock and fish with whomever was willing. The fishing was great as far as quantity, however the quality (meaning size) left much to be desired.

We stayed up late many nights playing games and talking. There was much laughter. There were quiet times to read or just relax. Everything is more relaxing by the water, at least I believe that is true.

We ate well, too well in fact. We took turns planning and making the evening meals, they were wonderful. I made pancakes for the grandkids nearly every morning. Even on mornings when they had already had some cereal or pop tarts before I made the pancakes. Those kids can put away the pancakes. I enjoyed every minute of the preparing, making and cleaning up after the pancakes.

The vacation was not without it's adventures. From water surprises in one of the bathrooms, to interesting beach times, to a fall in the water, and a golf outing that was more stressful than relaxing. I need to take more time when attempting to post about these adventures. Maybe later.

Here's hoping you find some time to get away from your routines before the summer is over.


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