Saturday, June 23, 2007

Now is the time ...

This is not an advertising ploy, but a plea for Christians and churches to get off our duffs and do what we already know. My sermon tomorrow is going back to our church theme for this year, "Live It!", from John 10:10. But this time I am focusing on the need to live the life right now. Many passages in scripture remind us that we are act today. This is not an implication, but a command.

Pastor John Maxwell once told his congregation that he was tempted to not preach another sermon until they began to do what they already knew to do, he said he figured it would take at least 6 months. Pastor Jim (last name withheld to protect the guilty) of Kansas once decided to preach the exact same sermon every Sunday until someone noticed, he preached it 3 weeks in a row.

Why do we demand the fastest computer and internet service, the most powerful microwave, instant on TVs and pay at the pump gasoline and yet we not only tolerate, but seem to encourage a wait and see approach to Christian living and church growth?

I have never been big on wait and see, and am growing increasingly impatient with it in the church and my own life. In fact I am close to becoming downright hostile toward it. I recognize the need for discernment, planning and proper timing, but come on, this is getting ridiculous! There are many things that we already know we are supposed to be doing for the Lord, we don't need to pray about it any more, we don't need any more focus groups, we don't need another committee (one of the things I am most looking forward to in heaven is NO MORE COMMITTEES), we don't need any more time spent aiming, we need to fire. We need to do something. We need to get up off our significant duffs and do it!

Wow, am I ready to preach. Pray that I don't lose any of this passion before it is time for me to preach tomorrow.


At 8:34 PM, Blogger Rob said...

Oh, I so wish I would have read this yesterday. Your post got me so stoked that I would have driven up just to give you huge AMENS! from the back row. Keep on preachin' it, my friend, and keep swingin' for the fences....


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