Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What Drives You?

I am not asking what you drive, or even if someone else drives you. Some of you are drifting off at this point with phrases such as..."I'll tell you what drives me crazy..." or "Here's what drives me over the edge ...". That is not what I am writing about either. Let me explain. My church board and I are going through Rick Warren's book "The Purpose Driven Church". We read a few chapters each month and then discuss them at our monthly board meeting, hoping to help direct us to be more purposeful in our planning, our ministry and our spending. The first chapter that we will be dealing with tonight is one entitled "What Drives your Church?".

There are all kinds of things that can drive a church. A church can be driven by tradition, by personality, by finances, by programs, by worship style, by events, by seekers, by buildings, by missions, by music and the list goes on. The problem is that often we are attempting to be driven by all of these and that leads to a lot of confusion, conflict and changes that don't really change anything.

We need to determine what really drives us as a church, as individuals, as families and I know that businesses need to figure out what is driving the business. A sign on a closed business read, "Gone out of business, we couldn't figure out what business we were in". If we don't decide what will drive us we will get pulled in all kinds of different directions with every person's idea of the direction the church so go.

So how about you? What drives you in life? What purpose filter do you run your decisions through? What about your church, do you know what is driving it?

Here's hoping whatever is your driving force is from the Lord and not just your personal preference.


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