Saturday, June 02, 2007

I always wonder ...

There are many things in my life that I wonder about, like why they don't make mouse flavored cat food, why it takes a family of 5 to stay home from church when any one of them is sick, and why Noah ever let those two mosquitoes into the ark? But these are not the kind of "wonders" I am thinking about this afternoon.

I am writing about the wonders of how people I used to minister to are really doing. How the couples I have married are doing? What of the babies I have dedicated? What of the families of those whose funeral I preached? Those are the kind of wonders I am thinking of today.

This is prompted by an email I received this morning. It was one of those out of the blue emails. It was from a couple whose wedding I did several years ago in another pastorate. They stumbled upon my email address and decided to contact me. It was a very encouraging email. They brought me up to speed on their life and marriage and even some of their extended family who were a part of my ministry in the past.

It brought a smile to my face and great feeling in my heart. Their marriage is good, they have some fun, energetic kids (are there any other kind?) and they are following the Lord and involved in a local church. They moved away as soon as they got married because of jobs and I moved from that church shortly after their marriage to take another pastorate. They even thanked me for the pre-marital counseling that I required of them before the wedding. I am not sure they were excited when I requred it, but they are seeing some of the value of it now.

Reading the email was one of those moments that just confirmed that it is worth it. It is worth being a pastor. That even with all of the other junk (or crap if that doesn't offend you, if the word crap offends you then just stick with the word junk) that sometimes comes with the position of pastor it is still worth it. The wife and I had lunch with another pastoral couple this week. They wanted to meet to talk about their church and ask questions of what they might be able to do to see it turn around and be what they believe it could be. They were very positive given the difficulty of their ministry, but fighting with discouragement. We listened, tried to encourage and give some ideas that might help. Most of it all it reminded me that it is easy to wonder if it is worth it.

So for that email this morning I am grateful. My wonders were answered in this small area today. The wife and I are headed to 3 graduation open houses this afternoon and I am sure that it prompt some more wondering on my part. But for now I am thrilled to know that it was worth it and that that one couple is doing well. Thanks Lord, I needed that.


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