Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was a fair day. We seemed to be just a half-step off at times. With our timing, with our sound and certainly with our attendance. We had several visitors, most were there to be in church with Mom. We had many of our own people missing. Some went to be with their Mom, some had illness or injury and other known reasons. I began a new sermon series on relationships. This is something I have done nearly every year of my ministry, done a series on relationships from Mother's Day to Father's Day. I wasn't satisfied with the message, I felt like I wasn't completely on top of the presentation. Maybe it was missing my wife, whatever it was, I don't like when I come away feeling that way.

My wife got home last night from her excursion (see earlier post about this). I am thrilled that she was able to make this trip, but I am even more thrilled that she is back home. She really likes her Mother's Day gift!

The wedding I did on Saturday went very well. It was an outdoor wedding and the weather was nearly perfect, no one fainted (that is a big deal with me), the father of the bride got his line out, the families like each other and get along well. Those are fun to do. This one had another unusual fun part, the bride had her brother and 3 cousins stand up with her. So inessence these 4 guys were her bridesmaids. They called themselves "the bride's men". At rehearsal they played it up very well, they came dressed in skirts, girl's tops, dangly (how do spell that one?) earrings and necklaces. They made the bride take pictures with her "bride's maids". It was hilarious.

My nephew's wedding went well also. My wife and oldest daughter traveled to Georgia to attend. It was outdoors, but had some less than perfect weather. A neat aspect of the wedding was that another of my nephew's was the minister for the wedding. That just reminds me again of my legacy (see much earlier post on legacy).

Here's hoping you had a great Mother's Day. Here's hoping you were able to express to your Mom, mother of your children or mother-in-law your appreciation for their role in your life. I only have one in that category that I can still contact, both my mom and mother-in-law died some years ago. Here's hoping you have something to look forward to this week.


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