Sunday, April 29, 2007

Random thoughts ...

I know that this is your favorite when I do a post of my random thoughts, or you may be saying what is different from your other posts? Well, I know these posts make my wife nervous because she knows how really random my thoughts can be on a regular basis. So I should get some brownie points (or just brownies for that matter) for not doing this type of post more often.

We are going on vacation, starting tomorrow we will have a week of vacation. Just the wife and I, at a cottage on a lake a couple of hours from home. I can't wait, but I will since I still have a service to do tonight and we need to pack and load up.

High School musicals are generally fun. We attended one yesterday because a girl from our youth group was performing. She did well, the musical was done well and the sets were very, very good. My only question was why they made me share a program with my wife and wouldn't let me have one of my own. They charged $10 a ticket and sold advertising in the programs and I can't get one? But the muscial was good and the kids who performed deserve much praise.

It finally stopped raining, it rained most of Wednesday and Thursday and more than half of Friday. Yesterday and today have been wonderful. I hope this is the type of weather we get for vacation, but if not we stay in, read, play cards and just relax.

I get to try out my boat this week. Someone gave me a row boat. Stop laughing, I am thrilled to have any type of boat. My big concern is having to back it into place somewhere. I have had little practice backing up something that is being towed, and the few times I have done that have not been pretty. Fortunately it is light enough that I can just grap the end of the trailer and move it if necessary.

My butt, I mean rear end, is still sore from my Donkey Basketball experience (see earlier post). Some have asked for pictures. My wife took a couple, so if I can figure out how to transfer them from her phone to my blog I will give you something to laugh about (like I don't do that just by being me). Of course my wife had left by the time I made the game winning shot, but I am not bitter, really I'm not.

We had another good Sunday in a lot of ways. I will do a post about Sunday tomorrow if we really do have internet connection at our cottage, if not you will just have to wait.

I love seeing the hunger and growth in new believers. I had a couple of great conversations with people this morning that really encouraged me.

I love my wife. (Even though she missed me making the winning shot.)

The wife and I got to see all of our grandkids (and their parents) on Friday. We surprised one of our grandsons, he had a grandparents program in the afternoon. He didn't think we could make it, so the look on his face when he saw us was worth the long day of driving. Then we went to his house and saw his sister and brothers. We went further and spent some time with our newest grandchild. He is just 7 weeks old, but is a big boy. Got to hold him and feed him and watch him. Then we made the 3 hour trip home. It was worth it, but my sore rear was barking (bad choice of words) by the time we got home.

Here's hoping your week will bring you smiles, laughter, relaxation, fun and time with special people. If not, then be happy for me as I enjoy that type of week.


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