Thursday, April 26, 2007

Donkeys & Days Off ...

Tonight I am participating in a Donkey Basketball game, this game is sponsored by our community festival fund raising committee. I have never even seen a Donkey Basketball game, let alone rode in one. I am hoping for a short, cooperative donkey. One person associated with the group sponsoring the event told me they were pretty sure I was getting a tall, stubborn one. I want a short one so I can stand up whenever I want.

Do you actually play any basketball or is just a time of humiliating those who ride? And don't forget those who are the "pooper scoopers". I have heard stories of donkeys who just sit down and refuse to move and others who flip their riders off. (I assume that refers to the riders being ejected from the donkey's back not the donekys flipping off the riders, but like I said I have never been to one of these things.) I am beginning to get a little nervous about this whole thing.

I promise to share about the experience in the next couple of days.

In four days my wife and I are going to get away for a few days of vacation. I can't wait. I am ready for some vacation time. After this Donkey game I may need some time off. I may need to get a seat cushion for my row boat after tonight.

Here's hoping I am able to type a post tomorrow. Here's hoping that I get a cushioned donkey. Here's hoping that the "scoopers" are quicker than the "poopers". Here's hoping you find your own form of entertainment tonight, hey if you live close by come on over there is sure to be plenty of laughter all around.


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