Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Musings ...

Sunday was an absolutely great day! Wow, God is really doing something great things in our church, community and individuals lives. The Spirit in our services, both morning and evening, was outstanding. This was true in spite of missing our pianist and having a few glitches during the service. Just goes to show that God is bigger and better than all that stuff. We had more new people and families who attended and a couple of families who returned from Easter Sunday. I had 13 come to a Membership Information class, just to put it into perspective 3 attended that last one. Our attendance was okay, not outstanding, but good nonetheless. The message went okay but the spirit and people's attentiveness was wonderful. The result was several at the altar to ask God to show them who they are to reach, to confess their lack of effort in reaching people or to receive Christ for themselves. It was a "God thing" for sure.

There were many people who spoke to me on Sunday, and already today, about who they are being led to reach or what they are being led to do to reach people for Christ. What an exciting time this, and it should get even more exciting as we move ahead. One of the neatest things from Sunday morning was a 3rd-4th grade Sunday School class did a prayer walk during their class time and walked in our worship center praying. They went into the rows, prayed at specific seats, prayed on the platform for the worship and at the podium for me. It is no coincidence that the Spirit was so great in the service.

Plans are underway for a big change for the summer in our Sunday evening service time. I called it our Sunday Evening Summer Shake-up when I presented it to the board last week. They enthusiastically approved the plan. Now I just have to get it all organized, present it to the church and see what God is going to do through these changes.

It looks like our weather might be getting closer to springlike temperatures this week. At least during the day, the nights are still going to have moments in the 30's, but we have sunshine today and we are to see the 50's some this week.

Here's hoping you are seeing people around you who are in need. In need of Christ as Savior, in need of some help with something, in need of encouragement, in need of a listening ear or something else altogether. Here's hoping that you reach them in this time of need and let God do His thing.


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