Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday Musings ...

I just missed getting to this in time to call it Monday Morning Musings, but since it is 12:01 I will be honest and just call it Monday Musings. Yesterday was a very good Sunday. Especially for a first Sunday of Spring Break week.

We had some technical glitches during worship and we were missing some of our musicians, but worship went well. There was a good spirit in the service. It helped that some of our children did a special song where they signed the words. They did very well and they were cute doing it. (Cute is good because I certainly can't do cute anymore. Twenty years from now I might be able to do cute again, you know the "he is such a cute old guy" stuff.) People were very attentive during the message. We had some attending that are exciting, given the background. It was the first Sunday of Spring Break, but our attention was only about 8% below the week before. That is excellent for the first Spring Break Sunday around here. Sunday evening we shared Communion and it was a very good service, with some good testimonies and a good attendance given the day.

There seems to be a good spirit of anticipation for the future in our church. That is such an exciting turnaround from a year and a half ago when we arrived. I had someone today comment that they believe things are really ready to grow. That is a big part of the battle in growth, both spiritually and numerically, to have people believing it can and will happen.

Here's hoping this is an awesome Easter week. Here's hoping you will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior this week. Here's hoping you get at least one Cadbury easter egg this week.


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