Saturday, March 24, 2007

I got him...

That's right, I got to hold my new grandson first on Thursday evening when we arrived. But I knew my wife gave way a little to easily, when I picked him up my daughter and wife said "he has a dirty diaper and the holder is the changer". No problem I have done this many times before. I did just fine and he survived, and since I did that work I got to hold him for a longer period of time. Over the next 28-30 hours I held him for at least 3 or 4 hours. I loved it. He is growing already. He is very strong and follows your movement with his eyes. My son-in-law and daughter's dog is doing very well with the baby. The dog become very concerned when he cries and if he is sitting in his seat the dog brings a ball and drops it in the seat as if to say "since you are here let's play".

It was a real thrill to be able to spend some time with my new grandson, and with my daughter and son-in-law. Then on Friday evening we all headed to my son and daughter-in-law's place where some other great friends were visiting. What a great time of catching up and sharing we had. We got to see the friend's baby, now 9 months old, for the first time. We got to see our other 4 grandkids and I got stomped by my oldest grandson in a NASCAR video game. All the while you would keep hearing the phrase, "I got him", referring to who was taking a turn at holding the newest grandchild.

Then myself, my son, my son-in-law, and our good friend (he was on staff with me at another church) met 4 other friends for our annual Fantasy Baseball Draft. This is a really big deal. For the next 4 and a half hours you kept hearing that phrase, "I got him" as player after player was drafted. There were comments made after most of the picks, such as "nice pick", "Nuts, I was going to draft him next", "you bum, I wanted him", sometimes there was laughter sometimes there was a collective "huh?", that is not a good sound. We made fun of each other, trash talked with each other (all in christian love) and had an all round great time. Draft night is always a highlight. In a just over a week we begin the head to head competition to see which of us drafted best, has the best luck and substitutes at the right time.

Here's to hoping you can say "I got him", when referring to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords as your personal Savior. Have a great day worshipping tomorrow.


At 3:46 PM, Blogger kris said...

I am so jealous! You had better believe that the next time I am near him-I will have him!


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