Sunday, March 18, 2007

Surprises and Shocks ...

I am a person who likes surprises (usually), I am not a stand pat type of person. When I hear someone respond to a new idea "We've never done it that way before" my instinctive response is "Cool, let's try it". I have had to learn to curb that instinct at times but I still like most surprises, at least those of the pleasant variety. Such as seeing a couple of my long shot pick in my NCAA brackets actually win and propel me forward in the competition. Or when purchasing something and hearing the checkout clerk say, "that is actually on sale today", I love that one. Surprise calls or visits from family and friends fit in the fun surprise category.

Yesterday was one of those great surprise moments. A person in my church came to see me and after some conversation about a variety of topics laid a great surprise on me. We had talked weeks ago about them possibly taking on a new vital position of ministy. At that time they said thanks, but I don't think so, but agreed to pray about it. A couple of weeks ago they came back to me and said they hadn't been able to get away from the thought of that new ministry and asked me to pray some about it with them. (That was a good suprise also.) Then yesterday they said that they would take the position, that they had had many confirmations that it was the right move and were ready to roll. Surprise, well not as much now, because I could see it coming, but had not let myself get my hopes up too much. I love those kind of suprises.

Friday I received one of the shocks that I don't like. Much more than a surprise and certainly not something I desired to have happen. A friend informed me of a 48 year old person from a former pastorate who died suddenly. He leaves a wife, two teenagers at home and one child in college. He was a christian and I am confident of where he is now, but it was a shock. It is one of those that really makes you take some time to think through life, your relationships and especially y0ur relationship with God. I am certainly praying for that family, for the pastor who will speak at the funeral and for the church who will surround, support and encourage this family.

So, how are your relationships? Are you up to date with God? How about your spouse, your kids, your parents or friends? We really don't know how long we have on this earth. We must live with purpose each and every day and let those around us know that we love them.

Here's to more suprises and fewer shocks. Here's to being ready whichever comes your way.


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