Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Musings ...

It is Monday evening, I just got home from my uncle's funeral. It was great and difficult day. Great as we celebrated him and his life. A life of love, much, much laughter and a live committed to Jesus Christ. Difficult because he will be missed. Missed by me, by his other neices and nephews, by his brother, by his great grandkids, by his grandkids, by his kids, by the community and most of all by his wife of 63 years. Yes, you read correctly, 63 years! How awesome is that? Great because I got to spend time with my wif4e, Dad, stepMom, Brother, Sister-in-law, Cousins, Aunt, Son and others. Great because we all shared memories. Great because I know where my uncle is and that if I remain faithful in my relationship with the Lord I will see him again. Great because I was privileged to share in the funeral service. Difficult because I shared in the funeral service. Great to have my aunt give me a big, long hug after the service and whisper, "thanks so much, your uncle would have loved what you said."

Funerals are never easy, but it is especially difficult to express yourself through your grief and tears when it is someone you know so well and love so much. But I was so honored to be able to share in the celebration of my uncle's life.

Sunday was difficult. I wasn't on my game, I would love to have a "do over" on the message. A lot of distractions this week. The birth of my 5th grandchild, the death of my uncle (on the same day), extra travel, my wife being gone as she is helping with the new grandchild for a few days and other things. Our worship was good and the guy who led in place of my wife did a nice job, though he was incredibly nervous. Our attendance was decent and some of our recent visitors were in attendance again. It appears that a couple of these families have made us their church home. (God is certainly blessing.) It was fun to announce the birth of our grandson and to tell some stories about the day of his birth. Then in the afternoon I took off to get to my uncle's visitation and to be there for the funeral today.

I am weary and a bit weepy at the moment. I think I will finish, get some food and rest. Here's hoping that you will know the power of God's love and the beauty of family.


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