Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was a good day. Last Sunday was great, yesterday was good. There was a very real sense of people really listening intently to the message. My associate pastor commented on it later, that he had never seen it quite that way since he has been here (1 year). It was not a warm, fuzzy, feel good message but people seemed to really be paying attention and processing what they were hearing. There was a good spirit and people were singing during that part of worship, well at least many were singing, we aren't real good that part of worship yet. We had the best attendance we have had in several weeks, if not months. We had visitors. One family that just came because of a contact that was not a planned ministry. I love it when God reminds us that everything we do has spiritual consequences. We had some Wednesday night children and youth attend, who do not normally come on Sundays. A good day.

I am tired this morning. I tired most Monday mornings, I think all pastors are after a Sunday. Yesterday was a busier day than some. But it was all good. Please remember to pray for your pastors, whoever they are, on Sundays for strength and on Mondays for recovery and to overcome the natural emotional letdown.

No word on the baby front. Today is the acutal due date for our fifth grandchild. Our daughter has a doctor's appointment later today, so we will be anxious to hear what the doctor says. My wife has her suitcase packed and waiting for the word. Given that we are just over 3 hours away from the hospital she is not going to pause long when she gets the word that the baby is on the way. She was wearing her cell phone, and had it on vibrate, while she led worship yesterday. I told the congregation that if she walked out during a song it would their signal that the baby was coming.

Here's hoping that you get the chance to encourage someone today. Here's hoping that you will take advantage of that opportunity. Here's hoping that the baby comes soon, for daughter's sake more than anyone else.


At 11:02 AM, Blogger Kin said...

But she didn't get to leave, did she??? Nope, she didn't because THERE'S NO BABY YET!! Can you also ask people to pray that this kid pops out real soon before I lose my sanity?


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