Friday, February 23, 2007

Back Again ...

I left on Sunday evening after church to sleep for a few hours at my son's and then take both of us to the airport early Monday morning as we flew out to Kansas City for a large conference. So I missed doing my Monday morning musings.

Let me touch on the happenings of this past Sunday. We had another good Sunday, that is becoming a theme that I am certainly enjoying. Our attendance was fair, but the spirit in the services was very good. No brand new people but a couple who attended for the second time. There was a powerful time of prayer around the altar during the service and people seemed attentive and receptive of the message. The message was not a warm fuzzy one, but was on shedding our desire to be comfortable. It stomped on my toes while preparing it and preaching it. Sunday evening I have been leading a study on what we believe and this past Sunday evening was on sanctification. There was discussion and we will continue it on Sunday night March 4. (we have a community service this Sunday night)

The conference I attended in K.C. was good. Some of it was superb, some of it was not good at all and some of it was okay, in my book that makes it a good conference. There were a couple of sessions that were very memorable and I am sure I will be sharing about some of those in later posts. It was good to spent some extended time with my son, I got to see my Dad and stepmom briefly and see some old friends as well. The weather in KC was incredible, it was in the 50's-60's each day, a far cry from the 6 degrees of home when I left Sunday evening.

The bad part of the week was missing my wife while I was at the conference.

I better get back to things I need to catch up on here and getting ready for Sunday.


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