Saturday, February 03, 2007

It's Cold ...

We are finally having some "real winter". Today it is blowing, it is snowing a little, and the temperature is around 10 and dropping. The wind chill is well below zero. The weather people have issued a weather advisory because of the wind chill and chance for whiteouts with the blowing snow. It is supposed to get even colder tomorrow. I am not enjoying it, but it is February 3 so it is to be expected.

I imagine that this weather will keep many people from church tomorrow, especially considering I got a call already today asking if there was any chance we might cancel church tomorrow. My answer was "no, I cannot imagine cancelling, as long as I can get to church and the furnaces are at least keeping the building from freezing."

I really wish we had a fireplace this weekend. That is one of the few things I would change about the parsonage here if that was possible. But this is a great home and the wife and I love it.

The weather should add to the Super Bowl viewing experience. It will make the chili taste better, the nachos more comforting and the Colts victory that much sweeter. We are having many of our young adults over to watch the game. I am sure many will play other games and just check in on the game, some will end up battling on my Xbox and then a couple will stick with me and actually watch the game.

I am anticipating a good time in worship tomorrow. God has been doing great things in our church recently and I don't think God is going to be put off by the cold. The only thing that could put Him off is if we are ready to worship and not obedient as we worship. Here's hoping you can stay warm tomorrow, but more importantly that you will be warmed by your obedient worship.


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