Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just wondering ...

Just things I have been wondering ...

What the world happened to Ohio State in the national championship game? Now I have to listen to Michigan and Ohio State fans both explain how their thumping wasn't as bad as the other schools.

How cheap could I buy a snowmobile? Given the total snow accumulation of 3/4 of an inch around for the entire winter, I imagine snowmobile are cheap. But what would I do with it?

How would you like to be the first kid Nick Saban comes to recruit on behalf of the University of Alabama? Given his aversion to the truth, that could be an interesting conversation.

Can you get a refund for the snow shovel you bought in November when you still haven't used it by the middle of January?

Why do you start to sprout hair in ears as you get older? And, why do your nose hairs suddenly get a growth spurt as you age?

Why don't I write a diet book? It really doesn't matter what I would write as long as the title has something to do with losing weight and I claim it is a new plan. You know there would be people buying it. Have gone to a Borders or Barnes and Noble lately? They have rows of diet and exercise books, especially in January. How do I know? I just bought one of course.

Whatever happened to expanable waist band for pants?

They call it "yo-yo dieting" when people go on a diet lose weight, go off and gain it back, then go on another diet, etc... I think my yo-yo is stuck in the spinning mode.

I think I better quit wondering and get back to studying.


At 11:24 AM, Blogger Kin said...

First I must say, your post was very amusing, thanks for the was desperately needed! Alright, as for Ohio State- who cares! I'll tell you what you can do with a snowmobile, let all of your kids come over & ride it. Hey, maybe if I do that, this baby will just pop right out of me! A shovel? I wouldn't know the rules on that, that's a boy job :) I prefer not to hear about your ear & nose hairs "sprouting", ewww. I agree you could make millions off a diet book, people will buy anything that has to do with losing weight! I can tell you what happened to expandable waist bands, they're all in the maternity section! The worlds greatest invention if you ask me...I think I might continue to wear my jeans with the panel even after the baby's born!!!!

At 2:27 PM, Blogger kris said...

"As for Ohio State-who cares!" Kin what do you mean! I CARE! I care because I love it! I actually could not love it more! I think it was the best game I have EVER seen! No comments are allowed regarding the Notre Dame game, I am still not ready to talk about that. But seriously I am now a Florida fan! Go Gators!


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