Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday Musings ...

Another Monday, therefore, I have some more musings. Yesterday was a very fun day. Our children did their Christmas program as a part of the morning worship service. They did a very good job. We only had one significant technical glitch, not bad for us. The kids sang well, and with some volume, they delivered their lines well and the sticks performance was good. The kids were cute and everyone enjoyed them. I had the opportunity to share briefly after their program, as in 5 minutes or so, it is always nice to a have an audience that is warmed up. There were some relatives who attended who would not normally attend church, I love those kind of visitors.

In the evening our adults did a musical. The choir did wonderful, under my lovely wife's direction, their sound was great and they did it with enthusiasm. We had no major sound glitches, this is a huge praise. Those doing the drama did well and it was very well received. This was done as a dessert theatre. Each table was decorated by a different person and they all looked great. We had dozens of wonderful desserts for people to choose from as they arrived. They chose their dessert, got a drink and went to their table. The place looked great with all the Christmas trees, the decorated tables, lit candles and smiles. Our people did such a great job of greeting and serving people. The attendance was much better than we anticipated. There were over 180 with all of those participating! The response was wonderful.

It was a very good day. People enjoyed the day, they felt good about participating in some way and they enjoyed seeing such good attendances. As someone said this morning, "I feel so full from the whole day yesterday." (And they weren't even speaking of the desserts.)

With all of that said, I am glad it is done. My wife, who put the whole thing together, is especially pleased that it is done. Hope you are having a great Christmas season.


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