Sunday, November 26, 2006

Family Fun

It seems that any time our family gets together we have fun. Thanksgiving was no exception. Whether it was finding the two youngest grandkids playing in a dog cage, (we have pictures to use when they get older) or the many games that were played, or when I made a batch of rolls using my Mom's recipe and forgot to put in the yeast, or the times someone just got their words wrong, or the many video games that were played, or decorating cookies, or seeing who would spill first (it usually doesn't take long in our family) or just talking together there was plenty of fun to go around.

Hopefully we are creating family memories that will carry on for many years after my time on this earth has ended. I pray that my children and grandchildren will remember times when we were all together as great times and desire to continue these times for generations to come. I realize that some of the traditions will change, the numbers will certainly change (we are at 11 now and come March will go to 12), the games will change (but Rook must always be one of the games), the locations will likely change and even the frequency will likely change. But what I hope never changes is the desire to be together and the willingness to make sure we do get together periodically.

I still remember family gatherings at my Grandparents. At one it was always somewhere around Christmas and outgrew my Grandparents home so we used their church's fellowship hall, and there was the traditional picture of all the grandkids in their new pajamas (until you were a teenager then you got opt out because you were too cool). At the other grandparents it was nearly always at their house on the farm. I remember the Nativity set instead of a tree ( I wonder where that set is now?). I remember the food, so much of it, the multiple stuffings because Grandma knew some of us liked different ones, the laughter, the french chewing and divinity candy at Christmas, the candy jars by the back door and so much more.

I desire those same kind of memories for my children and grandchildren, and I suppose greatgrandchildren some day. How about you? What kind of memories are you building?

I need to go, church begins soon, but I must admit some of my smile today is remembering the family fun this week. I wonder if my congregation will wonder what I am smiling about?


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