Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Morning Musings ...

Another Monday, more intriguing musings, well at least I think they are intriguing. Sunday was another good day, not the powerful day we enjoyed last Sunday, but it was good. Attendance was higher than a week ago, which is encouraging, but the spirit was not quite the same. There were some other very positive things in conversation with several individuals, and as I posted a few days ago, God is really up to something around here. I am excited to see what He is going to do.

There were some wild football games yesterday. Surprises - the Lions won (that is always a surprise), the way the Cowboys lost, the Bears got kicked by the Dolphins, and the 49ers won. Interesting, but not necessarily surprising - the Colts beat the Patriots at New England, Payton Manning outplayed Tom Brady, Mike Vanderjagt missed a key field goal (I know it was blocked, but this guy rarely comes through in the clutch), and the Chiefs victory over the Rams which has them at 5-3 without their pro bowl quarterback. Not surprising, but stupid - T.O. costing his team with a self-promoting penalty and dropped passes (one of which would have been a touchdown). In the give me a break category - why do we have to watch the Raiders on Monday Night Football? It is bad enough to have to put up with Tony Kornheiser as an analyst each week, but to add the Raiders to the mix is just too much. I wonder what is showing on HGTV?

I have a new prescription for contacts, so I am giving them a go. I preached with them in yesterday. It was a bit of an adventure. Let me just say it was a good thing I knew the scripture passage and my sermon outline very well.

On Sunday our children stayed in worship with us for the whole service, normally they leave during the offering to go to their own children's church. We are making some changes in that area that won't be in place until next Sunday. The reason I bring it up is that I didn't realize, or maybe just didn't remember, until just before the service that they would be in during the sermon. So without time to prepare anything just for the kids, I challenged them to keep track of how many times I said the word friend(s) in my message. (The sermon was on friendship.) I promised a prize to the one who was the closest, so I need to go listen to a tape of the sermon and count it for myself. (Why do I keep myself in these situations?)

Have a happy Monday!


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