Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday Morning Musings ...

Monday morning again, it is amazing how these seem to roll around every week after a Sunday. Yesterday was a very day. We had a tremendous time of worship yesterday morning. Our children did a very fun and energetic song that had some Jamaican flavor to it, the leader even had on a long dreadlocks wig and sunglasses. After seeing the congregations reaction I am considering wearing that wig while I preach next Sunday morning. At the very least it might get people to smile. There just a good spirit in the whole service yesterday.

I posted yesterday about people arriving to church early because they got up before they remembered the clocks were to be set back an hour. Well they definitely got that corrected in the afternoon, because they were back to arriving late in the evening.

It is interesting to see how a crowd livens up and responds to children. Whenever our children do something up front there is more energy in the place. We have committed to having the children do something every month. Not just for the energy, but also to get them used to serving and ministering.

The church surprised myself, my wife and my associate pastor and his wife on Friday evening. We had a Fall Festival planned and to our surprise it was planned as part of a time of Pastor Appreciation. It is only the second time a church has pulled off a surprise on me that I didn't sniff out ahead of time. It was a fun night and we felt much appreciated. It is encouraging to be a part of church family that expresses their appreciation. This church does well at that, not just on special occasions but throughout the year as well.

I am somewhat encouraged today and realize that I am less than 6 days from another Sunday morning. I better get back to work.


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