Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday Morning Musings ...

To answer the burning question that all of you have today regarding yesterday's message, it was not one for which I need to apologize. I realize that given my post last Monday you were on the edge of your keyboards wondering, so there you have it, it was not terrible. I felt better about my preparation, I could tell more people were paying attention and I have already heard parts of the message referenced a few times in less than 24 hours. Now I just need to do it again in about 6 days.

You see for a pastor you plan, prepare, pray and point (how is that for alliteration?) toward Sunday all week. In the midst of all that I do every week my mind is never away from the fact that Sunday is coming soon. In the new TV show "Studio 60" (which I do not like and no longer watch) the producers of a Saturday Night Live type show have a clock in the office that counts down to the opening of their show. As soon as the show begins the clock resets and begins counting down toward the show the next week, that is how it is for a pastor every week. So that your good feeling from any given Sunday is somewhat offset by the fact that you have to do it all over again in less than a week.

Some good friends from a previous pastorate came and worshipped with us Sunday, we went to lunch together and had a great time of catching up. It is always good to be with good friends.

We had a meeting after church last night with Sunday School teachers and it was encouraging to hear reports from many of the classes of what is happening. From children, to youth, to the adults there are some good things taking place. One children's class in particular encouraged me with how they are reaching out to a family in our community that is going through a very difficult time, and this family does not go to our church. That is the church being the church.

Attendance is sure not what it should be, but there are some positive signs and that is what I have to focus on. As my dad always says, "God is still God", and that is enough. Well I better run, after all Sunday's coming!


At 4:23 PM, Blogger hotflashmama said...

You are always looking for better ways to communicate the message, and I love that about you. I love that you are not satisfied to stay the same, but to continue to grow. I have been listening to your sermons for quite a few years, and am still attending :-) They just keep getting better.


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