Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Morning Musings ...

Another Monday, another morning of reflection and evaluation which another morning of sighing and wondering what to do next. We have begun to see some other people begin to step up and do ministry, that is good. We have a new family that appears to have made our church their church, that is good. Our new projection system is really expanding our capabilities in worship, that is good. A couple of fairly new ministries appear to be working well, that is good. So why am I sighing and wondering this morning. It is some because of inconsistency, we seem to be good at being inconsistent. From people following through, to attendance patterns, to sermons (yep that would be me) to taking care of things around the building and to attitudes it seems that we are very inconsistent.

Maybe it is just the normal let down on Monday morning, plus last week being a rather intense week that has me pondering, excuse me, musing ( I need to be consistent with the title of this post) these things this morning. The solution? Be more consistent myself, encourage others, get some perspective, after all I listed a lot of good things and get back to work.

Here's to a great week!


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