Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Musings (again) ...

Maybe this will become a regular feature on my blog, then again maybe not. Notice it is not "Monday Morning Musings" this time. I took someone to an appointment in another town this morning and didn't get back to the office until around noon. So today it is just Monday Musings.

It was great to be back preaching with my congregation after missing to Sundays. (For reasons see previous posts.) It was a good day and I love the new additions (projectors) and changes we have made in our worship space. Some of our elementary children did a special song with using sticks for dramatic purposes. It was really good and I love seeing children participate. One little girl couldn't stop grinning, even during the very dramatic parts. Another boy was in his own world some of time and created his own routine with the sticks. But overall they really presented their message well.

Attendance was not what I would liked to have seen, but that is not the most important factor. The spirit was great and at least 1 person gave their heart to Christ. It doesn't get any better than that, Yeah God!

The wife and I are off to our District Pastor and Spouse Retreat, leaving around noon tomorrow. These are always great times of refreshing and bonding with other pastoral couples. The added bonus is the retreat is in Petoskey, Michigan the autumn colors should be popping up there this week.

The Colts and Bears are both 3-0, I like that for sure. I guess that does it this morning, I better get things ready so I can be gone a couple of days.


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