Thursday, September 21, 2006

Turn the Heat On ...

Have any of you heard that one in the last day or two? The temps in this part of the country dipped into the lower 40s or upper 30s at night recently. So I have heard that one several times, mainly from my wife, even with her hot flashes. So this afternoon in the office she was complaining about how cold it was, I explained that we couldn't turn the heat on until someone who knew what they were doing got the boiler going again. (By the way I am not qualified since I said it needed to be "someone who knew what they were doing". So that leaves me out of this and many other things for that matter.) I offhandedly offered to go home and bring back our portable electric heater, wouldn't you know it she took me up on the offer. So next door to me she is sitting by a heater with the door closed to "keep the heat in".

So I guess it is good that I love autumn (see earlier post) because evidently the temperature has found autumn levels. Don't get me wrong I see positives in this, such as the need for a little closer cuddling to conserve heat. At least until she reads this post. (I wonder if I can block it from her for a few days.)


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