Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Musings ...

This Monday is different from most since I was gone over the weekend at our Men's Houseboat Retreat. My thoughts today are on reflecting on the retreat, trying to discern how we can better plan for the services when that many of our leaders are gone and realizing that I need to gear back up for a full week of teaching, preaching and activity.

The retreat was a very good time with 30 other guys. The weather was great. The location was beautiful. Everyone made it there safely, got home safely and survived all of the stunts of the week. The safety thing is being taken lightly with that much travel and with a scary jet ski accident. Two of the jet skis collided and the 3 riders were thrown and one of the jet skis was really messed up and rendered unoperable. But all the riders were okay, shook up to be sure, but okay. It was one of those moments that made you realize how different things could have been. We ate well, we ate a lot and there was no shortage of food. There was a lot card playing. We had some times of worship. My devotionals went okay, I would like to have done better, but am praying that God will really keep working on hearts and minds. I got up on skis and went for quite a while. That is no small feat considering I hadn't done it in at least a dozen years. I attempted to wakeboard but never made it. We did leave about 15 minutes, so I guess all the families who come late to stuff around here can't just blame it on their wives or daughters.

Things survived back here on Sunday. But there were some hectic moments as somethings were working properly and the guys who usually correct those things were on the retreat. But after much time and a couple of cell phone calls to the houseboats it all came out okay. A big part of the success was due to my wonderful wife. She really worked hard and long to see that everything got done. I am so lucky. Yes I know that I definitely married up!

I guess I better get going as there sermons, lessons and a lot of other stuff to get done this week. Blog at ya later.


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