Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Thoughts ...

A lot to think about this morning. Waiting to hear from someone going in for a biopsy, just got word someone else is going back to see the surgeon a week after surgery because something doesn't seem right, I will be going to a funeral home this evening for visitation for someone's brother who was killed in a car crash and I am trying to put together a sermon from the passage God has led me to use. How is that for a jumble of thoughts and emotions.

I really need to hang on to my Dad's ministry theme, "God is still God" today. Or my Pastor friend Dave who says "Our greatest days are just ahead". I guess that I am saying I really need to depend on God today. I know, I know, I am supposed to do that every day and especially since I am a pastor. How often to we really depend on God for our day's activities? I just prayed it over a couple of gals going on an 11 month ministry trip this past Sunday morning. I said that I hoped they got stretched to the place to where they had to depend on God alone. So why is this so hard to do on a daily basis? You know for just the regular stuff.

I am not speaking of fluffy, non-reality dribble that some people spout to appear pious. I am mean the real stuff, the "God is guiding me through this day" reality without fanfare. Maybe just considering this as I move through the day is a good start.

Here's hoping you are being led through whatever you are facing today. Because I know it is true that God is still God!


At 1:51 PM, Blogger Rob said...

Apparently I'm a big dummy...I taunted you to post more on the fantasy message board, and here I had bookmarked not your home blog page, but a page of a post....just got caught up with them....and it's all good stuff...almost like just hanging and talking with you again....almost, but not quite :^(

You are right....God is still God, but sometimes He needs to hit me in the head with a bat to get me to remember it...and perspective does me wonders when I face hard times...keep swingin, and now I'll keep up...I expect 3 post a day on vacation!


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