Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Is it experience, or age?

I guess it really doesn't matter whether it is my experience or my age (soon to be 51 if you must know) that causes me to view something differently, but I certainly see things from a different perspective now. I suppose it was seeing pictures of my oldest grandchild, Bee, as he headed off to this first day in the 3rd Grade!

What a good looking kid, excuse me young man, he is. He sure looks so much older than he did just a couple of months ago. I know that is a good thing as he matures, and especially since he is such a good kid. His mom and dad are doing a good job raising him. I say that without the least bit of bias. But I guess with my experience/age I also hope that he enjoys the ride of getting older.

It seems that for too long in most of our lives we are in such a hurry for the next phase of our lives that we don't enjoy the present stage as much as could. Wow, that sounded awfully philosophical for me. I suppose that even includes me. Am I enjoying where I am right now as much as I could? I want to.

So here's to Bee and his inspiration to his grandpa to enjoy where you are as you go. Don't stop growing and learning, but make sure you get all there is to get out of where you are at the moment. Because the next phase will be here soon enough.


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