Saturday, August 26, 2006

Random Thoughts ...

I suppose could use random thoughts as the title of anything I write or say, but today here are some thoughts in no particular order.

I love talking with people about their conversion experience. We will have a baptism service tomorrow afternoon (if the rain holds off), so this week I have been talking with those who desire to get baptized. The first question is, "Tell me how you came to faith in Christ?". I love hearing those stories. Yesterday a teenager, who is relatively new to our church just popped into my office and asked if it was too late to get on the baptism list. I was smiling from ear to ear after hearing her story and being reminded once again that I have a great job (most of the time).

"God is still God", that was my Dad's theme for his 44 years of pastoral ministry. I love that phrase. One because it always reminds me of Dad. Two because it is so true, that God is still God no matter what happens. And three because I love to give people that reminder when they are discouraged or wondering if God is listening.

I love vacations. The wife and I are going to take a week away. We will leave in about 9 days. It will just be us, on a cottage at the edge of lake up north for a week. I can't wait. For you see I not only love vacations, I love my wife very much and get to have her to myself for a week. Of course she might be looking to be by herself part of that time, but it will be great anyway.

My grandkids make me smile. If I see a picture of them, hear their names mentioned, talk with them on the phone or have someone ask me about them. I always smile. I love being a grandpa.

Enjoy your own random thoughts and thanks for reading mine.


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