Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Birthday!

We have all heard, and sung, Happy Birthday to you. We all know the song and we know that it means someone has reached another milestone. Well this weekend our family celebrated a double, that's right two birthdays. In fact the two birthdays are on the exact same day, but the emphasis was much different. The birthdays were my wife's and my granddaughter's. My granddaughter is Elle (not her real name just her blogging name which is the pronunciation of the first letter of her first name) and my wife is Jo (use the same principle as with Elle).

Jo's birthday was done with almost no mention of the number years being celebrated, while Elle's had everyone asking her repeatedly how old she was and we all ooohed and aaahed when she said two. Jo asked only that we have a family picture taken, since the last one we had was when Elle was just a couple of months old. There was no cake, no candles (maybe it had something to do with smoke detectors) and no pictures of her opening presents.

Elle's birthday consisted of a cake, presents and many, many pictures, it also had a lot of ooohing and aaahing during the present opening time. Nearly all of the ooohing and aaahing was done by Elle. She picked on this after she opened her first present when the rest of us ooohed and aaahed, from then on we didn't need as she just continued to oooh and aaah when opening each present.

Now both celebrations were certainly significant, both got many things they wanted. Jo with the family picture (we looked good by the way), a meal together and much laughter (no not at how old she is). Elle with many presents (I assumed she wanted them since she loved opening them) , cake and ice cream, pictures, smiles, laughter (how cute she is, come to think of it that was probably what some of the laughter was about at Jo's birthday, at least I was smiling at cute she is) and again the family theme was there.

Birthdays just seem to go much better whether it is number 2 or number ?? (hey I am not stupid, you really thought I was going to publish it?) when people you love and care about are around. So here is to birthdays, no matter what number is attached to it. May you have many more and may many of those you love and care for be around for each one of them.


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