Saturday, September 30, 2006

I am back at it ...

Back from our Pastor & Spouse retreat and into full swing again. That means that today (Saturday) is catch up day, which means it is a very long day. Petoskey was interesting, the retreat was fair. Personally I preferred the Frankfort, Michigan area to Petoskey. Petoskey is definitely geared more for the tourists, and evidently tourists with more money than I carry around. The retreat was lacking in the intentional getting to know other people categories. It was still great to get away and spend time with my favorite girl, that is my wife in case you didn't realize. We did to get to know a couple of other pastoral couples better than we knew them before. So all in all it was worth it.

A couple of things I learned this week. I love spending time with my wife. That is a good thing to know after 31 years of marriage. I learned that I love to learn and when I am not learning from the expected source I will seek out some other avenue of learning. I learned that I still love being around people and enjoy getting to know other people better. I learned that $60 doesn't go very far when you are eating out every meal. I learned that Petoskey was a long drive from here, but then many places seem to be a long drive from here. I learned that "historic" can be a synonym for "out dated" when it comes to hotels. I learned that not every place that claims to have great food is telling the truth. I learned that there is way too much unfinished road construction in Michigan. I learned that I need to get going to be ready for tomorrow.

See ya soon.


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