Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Stop and Think ...

We have all heard, or said, the phrase "it made me stop and think". There have been a few things recently that made me stop and think. One in particular was getting the news today of a man in my church who has 2 complete blockages in his heart arteries, so they are recommending that he have heart bypass surgery. It made me stop and think because he appears to be a very fit guy, not overweight, does a fair amount of physical exercise and he is around my age.

My thoughts are first for his well being, praying for a successful surgery and quick healing. Also, for his family, I know what it is to wait around for health news on a parent. It makes me think about myself, maybe I need to worker at losing the weight that I know is too much. Also, wondering what can we do for the family during this time. I need to be exercising more. I probably ought to go to a doctor just for a physical, I don't want to, but it has me thinking.

This stopping and thinking also got me to thinking about what makes us really stop and think. Does it have to be something so ominous? Why do we seem to wait for something big to take the time to think about important things?

So let me ask you, what has made you stop and think recently?


At 5:01 PM, Blogger Kin said...

I can answer the question later, but first I must say....for the love, you DO need to go to the doctor! For the peace of mind of your family, you need to go :) I don't think it's healthy for a man to not see a doctor for 20 years!!

At 4:10 PM, Blogger kris said...

Well recently I have been thinking alot about Todd's post and what else I can relate to the Holy Spirit, cheese sandwiches for example, or my windshield wipers and how they wipe away the dirt...hee hee hee.


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