Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Collection...What else from a Pastor?

Many people think of "collections" when they think of pastors, as in receiving the offering during a worship service. This post is collection of a different sort, a collection of thoughts from the past few days.

The funeral for the 96 yr. old I have mentioned was a great tribute to her. Listening to family members share was very meaningful. They all had different stories but emphasized the same aspects of her life. A grandson said it well, "She taught me to laugh a lot, love people and the love the Lord whom she served. Well said, and a great model to follow.

Wonder what my funeral will be like?

The 50 yr. old guy who had open heart by-pass surgery came home on Tuesday and is progressing well. Probably doing more than he should, but hey isn't that better than not working to get better? He is already urging others to get checked out sooner rather than later so they don't have to go through what he did. Sounds like a testimony to me.

Could you believe the number of exciting finishes in football games yesterday?

How ironic that I am preaching on the importance of friends and the difference we can make as friends considering that some very good friends of ours are coming for a visit today. No, honestly I had this sermon in the works before I knew they were coming. But since they will be here, I have to use them as in the flesh illustrations. I wonder if they will still be my friends if I do that?

Is anyone else looking forward to basketball season? For me it goes in the order of high school, college and pro as far as my level of excitement.

I am not sure, were these thoughts random, or haphazard? Oh well, at least they were mine.


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