Thursday, November 02, 2006

God is up to something ...

I realize that God is always up to something, but I am becoming aware that He is up to something right here, in my church and community. There is a growing sense among the people of our congregation that something is happening. We have had some services recently where the spirit was tremendous. This past Sunday was one of those days where you knew you had been a part of something special as you left. Several people have told me this week that Sunday's services were really special. These were not the generic "good service" comments, but people who were really moved by the service. One of those was a person who had never been to our church and not only told me how much the service meant to them, I overheard them telling others in town this week about the experience. Our attendances are moving up, though worship is the slowest one, our mid-week and Sunday evening attendances are jumping up. The comments from those other ministries are so positive, not because of the attendance but because of the impact.

For me last night seemed to signify a corner turned. The group I lead on Wednesdays has been rather passive in recent weeks, but last night was different. Last night there was a real sense of presence and power during our prayer time. More people openly participated and it made a big impact on me. I am beginning to believe that God really is up to something here.

I am still struggling with some major frustrations and even discouraging things, but I am starting to see through the fog a bit and God is up to something. So I am determined to hold onto that hope and not let the frustrations and discouragements blind me to what God is up to in our midst.

Look around, I suspect that God is up to something where you are as well. Go ahead, take a good look around. If you still don't see it, pray for it and keep looking as you minister. That is what I am going to do.


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