Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Wandering Mind ...

It is true that my mind has a tendency to wander when it should be focused on other things. So today I am going to give in and share some of my mental wanderings today. Who am I kidding, I give in to the wanderings all the time, I am just looking for an excuse to share some of it today.

Is anyone else tired of political ads? Living near a state line means we get double the pleasure. Can't wait for November 8, however we all need to make sure we go out and vote on the 7th.

I am so excited that basketball is starting soon, I don't mean the NBA.

Hey, did you notice that Indiana is about to become bowl eligible in football? That is certainly out of the ordinary.

Is it just me, or have you noticed that leaves fall in greater proportion just after what is already on the ground gets raked?

I don't take the need to drive safely even on daily trips, a visit to the hospital this morning reminded me of that one.

When is a good day to attend church? I hear people stay away because the weather is bad and I hear them say they didn't attend because the weather so good. So when is it a good day to attend? Does this mean that pastors need to hope for overcast days with a little wind?

I am ready to go buy a Christmas tree, but I suppose it wouldn't make it to Christmas if I did that, so I will wait until Thanksgiving.

Have I mentioned that I have incredibly cute grandkids? Have I mentioned that I have grandchild #5 coming in March? (Yes, that was the definition of rhetorical questions.)

I remember when ... sorry I forgot what I remembered.

Maybe that is a sign that my mind has wandered way too far and this needs to end.


At 9:28 AM, Blogger Kin said...

So that's where I get it from!!! Let me just say that I feel your joy with basketball season starting, however I AM excited about the NBA. Of course, the season isn't quite as magnificent with no more of my precious Vlade but last night I got a treat...the Pacers had their opener against the Bobcats, so I got to watch my hometown boys (even though I only now like 1/2 of the team) and I also got to watch my love, Emeka, all in the same night...*sigh. I am even more excited however, thinking about March madness and how I'm going to kick everyone's butts this year, I feel a victory coming on!!!


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